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If you would like to donate to any of our disaster relief appeals below, you can make a payment in the usual ways:

You can send a cheque to the Links office or make a BACS or online transfer (please contact us to give us details of BACS or online transfers and where you would like your donation directed). If you would like to make a payment by debit card, you can do so by clicking on the button below.

Please consider filling out our Giftaid form so that we can claim an additional 25% from the Government.

Thank you for responding to our appeal.

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We like to collaborate with partners around the world so that we can achieve the greatest results with the minimum duplication of effort.

That’s why we work with churches, businesses, organisations and individuals around the world who are either more experienced, or less experienced than us to share learnings.

If you, or an organisation you represent would like to be a bigger part of the “Links family”, please do get in touch.

We’ve signed up to a few easy ways to give – and some of them, like easyfundraising and My very own print won’t cost you a penny!

Thank you again for your support.

Our work is not just about today’s adults – we strongly believe that looking after future generations will lead to enduring transformation.

To this end, we like to encourage youth work in our communities, subject to youth workers being on our trips.

If this is something you have a heart for, please do get in touch. It’s an area of our work that we’d love to develop further.

Every community needs well equipped leaders. We believe that our involvement should fade away as leaders are developed within our partner communities.

Transferring leadership skills is as important as any other area of our work and we’re delighted to see this transformation with each passing trip.

Where people have a particular skill or willingness to learn and are clearly motivated to help themselves out of poverty, we can guide them into a new career. We’ve trained carpenters and seamstresses amongst other specialities.

This training is often linked in to other support and micro-finance loans are also made available to suitable candidates.

If you have a particular skill that you would like to share with our communities, please do get in touch.

The challenges facing our communities are often interlinked and complex. Sometimes we see other things that we can help with and this is particularly the case when on a trip. We’ve even been known to join in with local celebrations!

This flexibility underpins our ethos and we love to know that we can respond.

We occasionally teach English in communities where there are language gaps. This is one area where more specialist training is involved, so if this is something that you would like to help us with, please get in touch. We would love to be able to provide more ESOL courses.

We often don’t like to talk about what might happen after we’re gone, but did you know, that if you don’t have a will and have no surviving relatives, the government could end up being the main beneficiary of your estate?

We would love you to consider making a legacy to Links International in your will, where we can invest in other people’s futures on your behalf.

By making charitable donations, you can reduce your taxable estate whilst ensuring that your hard-earned money can change lives after your death. In addition, donations made to charity are excluded from your estate.

The thought of setting up a will can be quite daunting, but we can make it easy for you! We have a confidential, free Will-Writing Service with a suitably qualified solicitor.