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Malawian bee update

Approaching a hive of 50,000 busy bees, with only a hat, head mosquito net, and some rubber gloves, to take their honey is a “sobering moment”, as I know the workers will give their lives to protect their Queen-bee.

Yet I know that if Mfumu Chapsinja does not see how honey can be safely harvested with what is available locally, the new beekeeping project will fail to catch on. Very important  because each hive can save a struggling family from poverty as it can be produce an annual salary’s worth of honey!

I also know that the workers should, with my smoking twisted straw taper, think more of the fire risk than me, if I hold my nerve and move slowly.

Lifting the lid of the hive, you see just what “hive of activity means” and expecting the sharp pains of stings from the bees on my arms and buzzing all around. But none come, protection seems to surround me like the sun’s rays.

It seems an age but the honey is harvested, and the Chief says he will make more for his village, as he has seen for himself how it can be done, and it’s safer at night.

Job done, back home thankful and full of joy.  God gives “good gifts” not what harms us.

We’ve received some encouraging updates about the work of some of our partners in India. We hope you enjoy reading the stories that some of their friends there have to tell. There are ideas at the bottom of how you can get involved, so if you would like further information, please contact us!

01: Hello I am VG, would like to thank God for bringing  His light into to me and my family. For me Christ was for Christian but gospel was shared to me a such way that I started reading New Testament and now I my family are part of church. Please continue to pray for me and my family.

02: Hi I am AK, following Christ along with my Mom, Dad and brother. Gospel of Jesus has brought light in our lives and such a peace we have that we cannot express this with words. What a joy to know the true and living God. I am part of church.

03: MY… doing my B.Thech. came to know Christ just by hearing  in a very simple way. My  Mom, two elder sisters and  my elder brother all are the followers of Jesus now and part of church.

04: I am BS, I work in Police. Me and my family love the Lord serve the Lord. Two months ago we came to know the Lord when through prayers my wife was delivered from the bondages of  darkness. We are part of church.

05: AY, Christ has made a self image change in my life. Please pray for my family to know Christ too.

Our partners offer the following ways in which you can be part of this community transformation:

01:  By praying for more harvest and harvest force.

02:  By praying for all the trainings of  new believers, church planters and Type I to Type IV leaders trainings and specific people group trainings.

03:  By praying for protection over Church Planters.

04:  By visiting us and encouraging Church Planters.

05:  By supporting trainings and Church Planters.

06: By supporting to complete the new training centre.

07: By just letting us know that you are praying for us.

Thank you!