Joe Gisbey Back at Links

JoeGisbeysmallWe are excited to bring you news that Joe Gisbey is back on team, working for Links International. Many of you will remember that Joe was part of the team for some time before going to Colombia with his wife to pioneer a new church there. Since returning Joe has taken up a position on the leadership of Arun Community Church which will also continue. Joe brings a lot of mission and development experience, along with great passion and gifting. We are very pleased to have him on board!
Joe says:
I feel great joy and excitement to be back in the Links International team, seeing lives changed and communities transformed. I am looking forward to all that God is going to do in 2015 and as we move forward. This organisation has such a rich history and has been used to shift paradigms concerning missions and has displayed how the Church can engage with the needs around us in a beautiful and strategic way. It is truly an honour and privilege to be able to be a part of this amazing team and that ongoing, growing revolution. There are new adventures and levels that God is moving us towards and I believe our best days are still to come!