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Working with established partners in both the south of Malawi and western Zambia. The team will be delivering training in community health care to existing teams of volunteers, previously trained by Links.

The trip is likely to take place in October 2015.

All costs and other details will be forwarded to interested parties as soon as possible.

Links have identified a partner who shares the vision of changing lives and transforming their communities. Steven saw Pamoza as the means of achieving that and we at Bunches shared his vision. Together, we set out a plan in order to achieve that goal. We are now some way along that path. Ultimately Pamoza will be self funding, we just planted the seeds for them to grow. Clearly there are people who are benefitting: the recipients from the pig project and the people who are housed within Pamoza and earn a living because of its existence. The real number of lives being changed extends far beyond what we see when we visit. The vision and plan is coming together and this will provide a template for others to learn from and take to other communities.- Will Hibbert, Bunches (

On behalf of Pamoza Christian Centre I would like to thank Links International for partnering with us to accomplish a number of projects and goals.
A. Land: You started by supporting us to purchase 2 acres more of land where the project is now standing.

B. Piggery Project: 
Links has sponsored and helped us in purchasing four seed pigs, construction of a caretaker house that is good and decent accommodation for 9 family members, and the construction of a permanent pig house that can accommodate 32 pigs at one go that multiplied to nineteen in stock after we had already given pigs to eight households. (Meanwhile funding has already been approved for the construction of a second caretaker house by Links)
C. Poultry Project: We thank God for the positive response by Links that they have supported the poultry project in the following way: Links has sponsored us in constructing two permanent 12m x 6m houses, feed to the time they will start laying eggs and helped in purchasing 400 day old layer chicks and feed. We plan to establish multiple supportive projects such as: constructing 3 more chicken houses, two broilers, constructing 2  fish ponds and developing a lay training centre and accommodation for local free range chickens which resists diseases.Update: We are also pleased to report that the solar electricity has been installed at Pamoza Christian Centre and the houses are now ready for the chickens. People are also coming for training and conducting seminars. As they do that, we will be providing food for sale and at the same time creating a market for our farm products.

– Steven Chisale, Pamoza Christian Centre

Would you like to help us provide more for the Pamoza Project? Email us HERE.

Ann Edmunds and Dr. Nicky Hambley had the privilege of meeting, for the first time, a group of 30 people in the rural village of Nyafumba (Tororo area). Here is a brief report of their trip to Uganda:








We received a wonderful welcome as we arrived and everyone was keen to engage with all the activities and teaching. Hearing something of the story of the lives of the people in this community – both their joys and the challenges – always brings a personal challenge. In the midst of their poverty and all the related issues, there was such a testimony to God’s love and provision. Over three days we were able to look at the Bible and its message on health and wholeness, learn from each other and work together on topics raised by the group – hygiene, basic sanitation, immunizations, menstruation and contraception. One participant, Janifer, proudly showed us a newly constructed ‘tippy tap’ placed outside the household latrine – a direct result of the teaching on hand washing. Hopefully, the message will get out and result in positive health changes within the village. It is our prayer that we will be able to build on this initial visit and see transformation one life, one community at a time!

“God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs’. (Matthew 5)

Part way through the training we were joined by a number of children from the local area. It was great to see them take part in the activities and hopefully they too will become ambassadors for community health!








During the second week of our time in Uganda, and another first for a Links team was a visit to Kome Island, Lake Victoria. It was a busy period of the fishing season for the island community. Nevertheless, 16 people came, over 2 part-days, to be part of the introductory community healthcare training. In the brief time we had together the major health challenge the group identified, was that of poor hygiene and sanitation. In discussing hand washing it seemed that no one had heard of a ‘tippy tap’. One highlight was Herbert gathering together the readily available materials and demonstrating how to construct one. The tap was then ready for washing hands before the lunchtime meal! The need for accessible safe water is also a major challenge. Many of the fishing communities use untreated lake water. Links International was able to donate four water filters and large buckets to some very proud recipients! They are to be made available for community use. Thank you to all that donate money to Links International towards safe water projects such as this. It really is Good News!