Watson’s Story







Watson is one of the recipients of a micro-loan through the Kalulu Project in Malawi. Here is his story…

Type of Business: Selling tomatoes, onions, carrots and Irish potatoes

Watson is an energetic young man who has ventured into business after taking a long time with nothing to do to earn his living. He has been staying with his relatives in town while trying to get employment but to no avail. He felt life as meaningless since every need was supposed to be given to him as alms. He explained his story which kept listeners keen for more. He attended a course in Marketing but still could not get a job. Earlier this year, he decided to go back to his home village where he is currently staying and doing business. He told about how he got information about an MED loan from Links and how the lives of his friends were transformed. He was very willing to get the loan, but it was impossible since his village was not within the catchment area of Kalulu Project. It was a dream come true, when he heard that Kalulu Project had extended its catchment area to where he lives. He got his loan in April, 2015, but already he has seen profits come in and the peace of mind is also another contributing factor to his happiness. He is determined to work very hard and have his business grow using the expertise he obtained in marketing. With just close to two months in business, his business place seems to be doing very well. This young man seems to have a bright future in business.