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“The pockets of flooding across Malawi have been affecting thousands of Malawi’s poorest. Some areas are directly where our Links’ partners are working or involved within. The Malawian army, particularly in Lilongwe, has done an amazing job of rescuing many of trapped individuals among the storms. Sadly, there have been still been some fatalities. This week as I passed one of the main rivers to a partners meeting in Lilongwe I saw crowd watching a body being put into a coffin as the flood waters receded and revealed the fate of a missing person. In one of area of the capital 500 residents are currently displaced due to the high waters.” ~ Partner in Malawi



+ God’s comfort for families either dealing with the loss of loved ones or displacement from their homes;
+ Our partners or local churches and organisations as they assess the needs of the people affected by the floods;
+ Long-term solutions are put into place to prevent repeats of this crisis in the future;
+ Rains continue but not in such concentrated deluges for the remainder of the wet season.

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“People in need of humanitarian assistance have increased by more than one million to 13.6 million, mainly due to the situation worsening in Madagascar, Malawi, and Zimbabwe”

(UNICEF Dec 2016)

In 2016 we appealed for donations to help ease the problems of extreme food shortages amongst communities with whom we work across Malawi. Those problems have returned the result of floods, drought, lack of irrigation, and other factors.


Last year this lady queued all day for grain, but there was none to buy. In the first months of 2017, that will happen again to thousands more like her.

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