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“The pockets of flooding across Malawi have been affecting thousands of Malawi’s poorest. Some areas are directly where our Links’ partners are working or involved within. The Malawian army, particularly in Lilongwe, has done an amazing job of rescuing many of trapped individuals among the storms. Sadly, there have been still been some fatalities. This week as I passed one of the main rivers to a partners meeting in Lilongwe I saw crowd watching a body being put into a coffin as the flood waters receded and revealed the fate of a missing person. In one of area of the capital 500 residents are currently displaced due to the high waters.” ~ Partner in Malawi



+ God’s comfort for families either dealing with the loss of loved ones or displacement from their homes;
+ Our partners or local churches and organisations as they assess the needs of the people affected by the floods;
+ Long-term solutions are put into place to prevent repeats of this crisis in the future;
+ Rains continue but not in such concentrated deluges for the remainder of the wet season.

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“People in need of humanitarian assistance have increased by more than one million to 13.6 million, mainly due to the situation worsening in Madagascar, Malawi, and Zimbabwe”

(UNICEF Dec 2016)

In 2016 we appealed for donations to help ease the problems of extreme food shortages amongst communities with whom we work across Malawi. Those problems have returned the result of floods, drought, lack of irrigation, and other factors.


Last year this lady queued all day for grain, but there was none to buy. In the first months of 2017, that will happen again to thousands more like her.

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If you are looking for a new challenge this year then maybe we can help with that! We are looking for volunteers to travel with us this spring:


Ghana 9 – 16 March 2016
Malawi 9 – 23 April 2016
Zambia 5 – 18 June 2016

In each case we are going to be following up on previous healthcare training, reviewing their action plans and discussing any problems or issues arising.  In Zambia and Ghana we will also be following up on micro-enterprise development and agricultural training.

If you would like to join us on a trip please complete our online application form If you would like more information about any of these trips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below you will find links to documents which will be necessary to you as a Links team member. Please download those to which you have been directed by our Trip Manager. For each section please log in using the password with which you have been provided.


Here’s just a few highlights from a very busy last few months of 2014!

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A small team went to assess our various micro enterprise development projects, in various locations around the country. We also looked at the amazing progress being made with an livestock & agriculture project, and conducted training in bee keeping and honey harvesting!


october-calendar Marriage 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Slide1



MED Zambia


Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and India

Teams went to conduct Marriage Enrichment Encounters, lead strategic planning meetings with partners, carry out church leadership training, conduct micro enterprise training, and pilot Community Health Care in new communities.


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Ghana and Uganda

Teams delivered Community Health Care training in Ghana, and also piloted a new health initiative for schools called Fit for Life, in Uganda.



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The year ended with a team from the UK and the USA delivering leadership training with our partners Wellspring. We also heard amazing stories from a group of ladies who have been helped by Wellspring, using training and resources provided by Links. See and hear more at

Ready to go!

Norman and James write…..

We are pleased to say we are ready to go! Yesterday was a sunny day and enabled us to get the two support vehicles packed in the dry. The charity logos are on the vehicles and clearly displayed on the crew kit we are all wearing so this looks really smart, giving us a real team identity. We are both feeling excited about the event. The months of work to train for it will all pay off once we start on Sunday. We are quietly working away at getting ourselves into the ‘zone’ with our focus on what lies ahead. It is a massive challenge so we need to break this down into manageable section in our minds. It will be easier to maintain motivation with lots of short goals to think about during the race rather than 5 days of cycling with less than 15 hours of sleep. We will be putting regular news updates and photos onto  There is also a link from the site to the real time tracking of where we are in the race, showing current cycling speed and distance covered. Its all about doing the best we can for the 4 charities we are supporting. We are praying it will make a positive contribution to the work of Links International, both through publicity for Links International and some useful funds raised to assist the important work that you do.

Announcing the Beech Boys in Ireland!

The Beech Boys Support Links International as they cycle the Race Around Ireland.

We are proud to announce that the Beech Boys are raising money for Links International in the Race Around Ireland, hailed as one of the toughest cycling challenges in the world. Norman and James Beech, a father and son team, are not only cycling around Ireland, but they are doing it in just 5 days and are the event’s first and only team to be riding in tandem.

The Race Around Ireland especially appealed to the Beech family because of two particular points on the route – Coleraine, Norman’s wife’s hometown, and Malin Head, the most northerly tip of Ireland, where Norman proposed.

Recognised as one of the Ultra Cycling Marathon Association (UCMA) most prestigious events, we are grateful for their support and we are very much looking forward to following their 1,350 mile journey live on their website via GPS tracking.

The duo will be challenged with cycling 275 miles a day for five straight days on a route which boasts a combined ascent of 75,500 feet – more than two and a half times the height of Mt. Everest. The insanely difficult nature of the route is why the Race Around Ireland is an official round of both the UMCA Ultra Cup and the UMCA World Cup, in addition to being a qualifying event for the Race Across America.

Despite its difficulty, the Beech Boys are up to the challenge as they are no strangers to extreme sporting events. They also competed in the 2010 Atlantic Row and tandem cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 2011.

The team is riding in what is described as Europe’s most difficult cycling event, equivalent to cycling from Birmingham to Land’s End every day for five days, and credits their support of Links International as helping to keep them going.

“It has been a big boost to our motivation to know that what we’re doing and the pain we’re going through actually has a benefit beyond the achievement itself”, said James. A close friend who supports Links International through business first introduced Norman and James to the idea of raising money for the cause. Norman said that he was “moved by Link International’s outstanding work to assist people out of poverty, providing individuals with dignity as they receive the help they need to look after themselves.”

Norman and James will travel with a supply vehicle provided by funding from Healthspan, the event’s title sponsor. In March 2014, the Beech Boys became Healthspan Heroes after receiving support from the charitable fund, which helps people access and participate in fundraising events, both big and small, that they may not have been otherwise able to enter.

We can’t wait for the Beech Boys to begin their journey on Sunday, August 31, 2014. Follow their countdown – only 26 more days!

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Links International is a Christian Mission organisation and registered charity working around the world in many contexts. Links has an overarching Trip Risk Assessment Policy and is committed to safeguarding the welfare of its employees and volunteers as much as possible whilst protecting the organisation and its charitable status. Links gives due consideration to current British Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice, and complies with this advice when arranging Links trips. Links recognises that its work involves potentially dangerous situations and wants those involved to be clear about their responsibility with regards Links Trips.

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January 2013


Links International is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk and protecting them from abuse. We believe that it is never acceptable for a child to experience abuse of any kind and that safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility within our organisation.

This policy will help foster a safe and positive environment for children and adults at risk and provide guidance for all employees and volunteers regarding acceptable behaviours and appropriate boundaries when working with children and adults at risk.

Links International will ensure all employees and volunteers are aware of and understand this policy so that the risk of abuse of children and adults at risk is minimised.  We will ensure all volunteers and employees embarking on an overseas trip have a DBS check.  We will ensure our Links Trip Leaders clearly understand what steps to take when concerns arise regarding the safety of children and adults at risk on Links Trips.  We will immediately respond to and investigate all concerns and allegations.

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