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Come join us on 16th November at The Loft Bar at Sparks Yard in Arundel for an evening of inspiring stories about how Links International is CHANGING LIVES and TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES in some of the poorest places around the world. It starts at 7pm!
The Loft will be providing food and drinks for the evening and Sparks Yard will also be open for Christmas shopping.
It will be a night of GREAT FOOD, GREAT DRINKS for a GREAT CAUSE! You won’t want to miss!

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Come join us on 17th November at Coopers Trading Company in Marlow for an evening of inspiring stories about how Links International is changing lives and transforming communities in some of the poorest places around the world.

It will be a night of GREAT FOOD, GREAT DRINKS for a GREAT CAUSE. You won’t want to miss!

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“The pockets of flooding across Malawi have been affecting thousands of Malawi’s poorest. Some areas are directly where our Links’ partners are working or involved within. The Malawian army, particularly in Lilongwe, has done an amazing job of rescuing many of trapped individuals among the storms. Sadly, there have been still been some fatalities. This week as I passed one of the main rivers to a partners meeting in Lilongwe I saw crowd watching a body being put into a coffin as the flood waters receded and revealed the fate of a missing person. In one of area of the capital 500 residents are currently displaced due to the high waters.” ~ Partner in Malawi



+ God’s comfort for families either dealing with the loss of loved ones or displacement from their homes;
+ Our partners or local churches and organisations as they assess the needs of the people affected by the floods;
+ Long-term solutions are put into place to prevent repeats of this crisis in the future;
+ Rains continue but not in such concentrated deluges for the remainder of the wet season.

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“People in need of humanitarian assistance have increased by more than one million to 13.6 million, mainly due to the situation worsening in Madagascar, Malawi, and Zimbabwe”

(UNICEF Dec 2016)

In 2016 we appealed for donations to help ease the problems of extreme food shortages amongst communities with whom we work across Malawi. Those problems have returned the result of floods, drought, lack of irrigation, and other factors.


Last year this lady queued all day for grain, but there was none to buy. In the first months of 2017, that will happen again to thousands more like her.

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If you are looking for a new challenge this year then maybe we can help with that! We are looking for volunteers to travel with us this spring:


Ghana 9 – 16 March 2016
Malawi 9 – 23 April 2016
Zambia 5 – 18 June 2016

In each case we are going to be following up on previous healthcare training, reviewing their action plans and discussing any problems or issues arising.  In Zambia and Ghana we will also be following up on micro-enterprise development and agricultural training.

If you would like to join us on a trip please complete our online application form If you would like more information about any of these trips, please do not hesitate to contact us.







Watson is one of the recipients of a micro-loan through the Kalulu Project in Malawi. Here is his story…

Type of Business: Selling tomatoes, onions, carrots and Irish potatoes

Watson is an energetic young man who has ventured into business after taking a long time with nothing to do to earn his living. He has been staying with his relatives in town while trying to get employment but to no avail. He felt life as meaningless since every need was supposed to be given to him as alms. He explained his story which kept listeners keen for more. He attended a course in Marketing but still could not get a job. Earlier this year, he decided to go back to his home village where he is currently staying and doing business. He told about how he got information about an MED loan from Links and how the lives of his friends were transformed. He was very willing to get the loan, but it was impossible since his village was not within the catchment area of Kalulu Project. It was a dream come true, when he heard that Kalulu Project had extended its catchment area to where he lives. He got his loan in April, 2015, but already he has seen profits come in and the peace of mind is also another contributing factor to his happiness. He is determined to work very hard and have his business grow using the expertise he obtained in marketing. With just close to two months in business, his business place seems to be doing very well. This young man seems to have a bright future in business.

Herbert & Eve Wanjala, our partners at Wellspring Uganda, along with two members of the Wellspring Team – Samuel Muwonge  and Janet Kyompeire – and two of their children recently travelled to the UK. They met with a group of doctors in Bristol during their visit who wish to help them expand the community healthcare aspect of Wellspring. They also spent time visiting churches and friends they are connected with around the country – which includes many different people in our Links family.

“Many doors of ministry have been given to us and we appreciate the people who have opened their doors and served this rather BIG team. I must mention Simon and Clare Patrick, Shannon and Sussanne Norcott, Holly Vanstone, Jim and Clare McKnight, Joe and Carolina Gisbey, the Famous Andy and Lina Read along with Mike and Beryl Godward. We are seeing a lot of favour from both God and people here and we are thankful to our team at home in Uganda and Tanzania.” – Herbert Wanjala

Links have identified a partner who shares the vision of changing lives and transforming their communities. Steven saw Pamoza as the means of achieving that and we at Bunches shared his vision. Together, we set out a plan in order to achieve that goal. We are now some way along that path. Ultimately Pamoza will be self funding, we just planted the seeds for them to grow. Clearly there are people who are benefitting: the recipients from the pig project and the people who are housed within Pamoza and earn a living because of its existence. The real number of lives being changed extends far beyond what we see when we visit. The vision and plan is coming together and this will provide a template for others to learn from and take to other communities.- Will Hibbert, Bunches (

On behalf of Pamoza Christian Centre I would like to thank Links International for partnering with us to accomplish a number of projects and goals.
A. Land: You started by supporting us to purchase 2 acres more of land where the project is now standing.

B. Piggery Project: 
Links has sponsored and helped us in purchasing four seed pigs, construction of a caretaker house that is good and decent accommodation for 9 family members, and the construction of a permanent pig house that can accommodate 32 pigs at one go that multiplied to nineteen in stock after we had already given pigs to eight households. (Meanwhile funding has already been approved for the construction of a second caretaker house by Links)
C. Poultry Project: We thank God for the positive response by Links that they have supported the poultry project in the following way: Links has sponsored us in constructing two permanent 12m x 6m houses, feed to the time they will start laying eggs and helped in purchasing 400 day old layer chicks and feed. We plan to establish multiple supportive projects such as: constructing 3 more chicken houses, two broilers, constructing 2  fish ponds and developing a lay training centre and accommodation for local free range chickens which resists diseases.Update: We are also pleased to report that the solar electricity has been installed at Pamoza Christian Centre and the houses are now ready for the chickens. People are also coming for training and conducting seminars. As they do that, we will be providing food for sale and at the same time creating a market for our farm products.

– Steven Chisale, Pamoza Christian Centre

Would you like to help us provide more for the Pamoza Project? Email us HERE.

Ann Edmunds and Dr. Nicky Hambley had the privilege of meeting, for the first time, a group of 30 people in the rural village of Nyafumba (Tororo area). Here is a brief report of their trip to Uganda:








We received a wonderful welcome as we arrived and everyone was keen to engage with all the activities and teaching. Hearing something of the story of the lives of the people in this community – both their joys and the challenges – always brings a personal challenge. In the midst of their poverty and all the related issues, there was such a testimony to God’s love and provision. Over three days we were able to look at the Bible and its message on health and wholeness, learn from each other and work together on topics raised by the group – hygiene, basic sanitation, immunizations, menstruation and contraception. One participant, Janifer, proudly showed us a newly constructed ‘tippy tap’ placed outside the household latrine – a direct result of the teaching on hand washing. Hopefully, the message will get out and result in positive health changes within the village. It is our prayer that we will be able to build on this initial visit and see transformation one life, one community at a time!

“God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs’. (Matthew 5)

Part way through the training we were joined by a number of children from the local area. It was great to see them take part in the activities and hopefully they too will become ambassadors for community health!








During the second week of our time in Uganda, and another first for a Links team was a visit to Kome Island, Lake Victoria. It was a busy period of the fishing season for the island community. Nevertheless, 16 people came, over 2 part-days, to be part of the introductory community healthcare training. In the brief time we had together the major health challenge the group identified, was that of poor hygiene and sanitation. In discussing hand washing it seemed that no one had heard of a ‘tippy tap’. One highlight was Herbert gathering together the readily available materials and demonstrating how to construct one. The tap was then ready for washing hands before the lunchtime meal! The need for accessible safe water is also a major challenge. Many of the fishing communities use untreated lake water. Links International was able to donate four water filters and large buckets to some very proud recipients! They are to be made available for community use. Thank you to all that donate money to Links International towards safe water projects such as this. It really is Good News!


A Tribute to Peter Martin…

We often use the term “well done good and faithful servant”, but there was never a more appropriate term to be said about Peter Martin. Several weeks ago Peter sadly died after several years of very poor health.

Peter came to the church that Grace and I were pastoring as a result of finding Christ at school at the age of 14 and immediately saw what needed to be done – and did it! Such was his servant heart that we as a church took him on as the church administrator several years later.

Many of you will know that in 1979 I went to Ghana and my life was transformed. I shared my stories, told of the needs and in a few weeks we had raised several thousand pounds and Peter went into action. Within six weeks he had freighted out everything that was on my list. As I travelled around the country people began to respond to the appeals and challenges that I made and it was Peter who said we now need a separate charity to handle the funds.

It was Peter who came up with the name Links International in 1985, and what an inspirational name it proved to be, so aptly describing the ministry that emerged from that time. It was Peter who developed the office administration. We started in the church office then moved to a cabin in the church garden and finally into a suite of offices above the church building. Peter was so creative coming up with such strap lines as, “Together we can make a difference” and  “We are here to serve the church around the world”.

He wrote the first newsletter and went on to develop the magazine and a number of brochures and leaflets. He organised our conferences and promotional tours. He handled all the administration of my travel stretching around the world. He developed summer teams, which enabled us to send hundreds of people on short term teams to such places as Ghana and India. Never once did I have to look behind me to see if the job was done. He took my dreams and made them happen and serving another man’s dream is not always the easiest thing to do.

We laughed and cried together, overwhelmed by the Grace of God and humbled as we saw changed lives. Whenever I travelled I would be asked, “How is the little guy who works for you?” They would of course mean Peter! He was small in stature but a giant in God. A faithful friend, a spiritual son, prayer warrior and the best second man anyone could ever have wanted. He has now entered into His inheritance and I am honoured to have known him.

Norman Barnes
Founder of Links International



This year Links has 4 runners participating in the London Marathon from the UK and 1 joining us from the USA. The London Marathon is the 3rd largest running event in England, and internationally one of the Big 6 Marathon Majors! Please consider supporting these runners who are training hard and who are doing something BIG to raise awareness and funds for Links. There is still time to donate to these runners. You can click on their names below to go to their giving page.


Paul Bedford
James Clarry
Sam Hunter and Mandy Ord
Becky Miller (USA)

If you live in the USA and you would would like to donate to Becky’s run you can donate HERE


How about an opportunity to take part in a 10K run, through the heart of London – taking in some of the London Marathon route, with a grandstand finish at Whitehall near Horse Guards Parade? We have places available for the Vitality British 10K London Run, taking place on Sunday 12th July. All you need is the ability to run the distance – and sponsors of course, with a suggested target of £500. Contact us asap if you are interested!




Once again we have a few places available for sponsored riders in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, taking place on Sunday August 2nd. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey follows a 100-mile route made famous by the world’s best cyclists at the London 2012 Olympics. All you need is the ability to complete the distance – and sponsors of course, with a suggested target of £600. Contact us asap if you want to ride for Links.




In September 2015, Alistair Beattie will be swimming the English Channel SOLO. Please consider joining his support team and give what you can. Every £1 will make a BIG difference.

His training has begun and you can watch his latest video update HERE!
If you would like to support Alistair, you can view his Virgin Money Giving page HERE.

JoeGisbeysmallWe are excited to bring you news that Joe Gisbey is back on team, working for Links International. Many of you will remember that Joe was part of the team for some time before going to Colombia with his wife to pioneer a new church there. Since returning Joe has taken up a position on the leadership of Arun Community Church which will also continue. Joe brings a lot of mission and development experience, along with great passion and gifting. We are very pleased to have him on board!
Joe says:
I feel great joy and excitement to be back in the Links International team, seeing lives changed and communities transformed. I am looking forward to all that God is going to do in 2015 and as we move forward. This organisation has such a rich history and has been used to shift paradigms concerning missions and has displayed how the Church can engage with the needs around us in a beautiful and strategic way. It is truly an honour and privilege to be able to be a part of this amazing team and that ongoing, growing revolution. There are new adventures and levels that God is moving us towards and I believe our best days are still to come!