Marriage Ministry


The ‘Marriage Encounter’ covers similar topics as is used in the seminars.

Married couples are invited usually for two days to come away from their homes to a guest house, hotel or other facility.

Here they will be away from the toils and worries of everyday life and can concentrate on the marriage and their partner, and what God is saying.

The format of the ‘Encounter’ is for the couples to hear a seminar before going away together to a private place where they can talk together.

To help with this talking they are given questions to answer individually before discussing them with their partner.

Couples will also be given instruction on how to communicate clearly and how we use our words, tone of voice and our body language.

A typical programme for the Marriage Encounter is as follows:

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Who the teachers are
  • Testimonies of changed marriages
  • Format of ‘Marriage Encounter’ explained
  • Lectures and working together using dialogue
  • A need for honesty, gently expressed without harshness
  • Commitment to God and to our marriage
  • Write down why you came and what you want from the ‘encounter’
  • Prayer
  • The history of a relationship
  • Dialogue: Statement of intent
  • Communication
  • Identity and self image
  • Gender gap
  • Love
  • Conflict
  • Prayer

Day 2

  • Prayer
  • Feedback from Day 1
  • Forgiveness
  • Marriage is for life
  • Being Committed
  • Money
  • Sexual relationship
  • Prayer of commitment and communion
  • Feedback and questions
  • Has the ‘Encounter’ met your expectations
  • Disclaimer and continuance
  • Prayer

Links believes that for lasting change to be possible in communities, stability within marriages and families is vital. To that end, we seek to work with couples to strengthen their marriages and families, so that they are able to effect the most positive change where they live.

The marriage courses and encounters are headed up by Graham and Ruth Swaffield. They bring messages from the Bible concerning marriage to the communities with which we work. Our goal is that couples can enjoy healthy relationships – the way we believe marriage was intended to be.

The seminars are based on Scripture, mixed with life experiences and bring about healing, hope and healthier relationships. The encounters are where couples come away from their homes for a few days which enables them to spend uninterrupted time with each other. Countless couples testify that their marriages have been rescued and restored.

Healthy marriages and healthy families lead to healthier communities.

Would you like to come with us to help effect this change? Please get in touch if you would like to join us on a trip!

It currently costs £45 for a couple to attend a marriage encounter and this is too much for some couples to find. If you would like to sponsor a couple to attend a course, please click here to go to our Links Gifts page where you can buy a place. Alternatively, you can donate any amount of your choice by clicking on the PayPal donate button below. Thank you!

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