Income Generating

When we have trained people, we quite often loan them the money they need to buy tools and equipment for their business start-up.

Occasionally, the amounts needed are more substantial and require a central capital fund with the benefit being more for the community. When this is the case, we tend to set up an income-generating project which is managed slightly differently.

A good example of an income-generating project happened in Thailand: Links raised the capital to purchase a pump which irrigates a lychee farm and feeds into a fish breeding pool. The project has been a huge success – so much so that our partners are now self-sufficient and able to provide food and jobs for an unreached people group living as refugees in Myanmar.

We’ve also set up a water buffalo farm in India which provides income to our partners as they help the local community. To ensure stability, a reasonably sized herd is needed, but as these animals are expensive they are normally out of reach of our partners. The good news is that the first water buffalo to have been bought are now breeding – our model is working!

Another successful project saw the building of bed and breakfast accommodation near Lake Malawi.