What We Do

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By partnering with respected organisations overseas, we are able to build long lasting relationships that bring about permanent change. Healthcare and poverty continue to bring about hardship, but a multi-pronged approach lifts a whole community holistically.

Our trips are never about giving money or handing over assets: we train people to help themselves and sometimes equip them with the resources to make the most of their training. For example, a Micro-Enterprise Development trainee may receive a loan to set up a business (through our partners), but we always expect repayment plans to be followed. That way, the money can be used again to help another family. We have even found that mosquito nets are better looked after (and therefore more effective) if people are asked to contribute to the cost, so we sell them at a nominal charge to ensure they are valued.

Please have a look at these summaries of our work – and let us know if you would like to join us on a trip. We’d love to take you!