Marriage seminars

The seminars are all based on biblical truths and the scriptures are constantly referred to. Mixed with life experience, these form the basis of the marriage teaching.

A selection from the following modules will be used depending on the time available and specific requirements.

Marriage Seminar Modules

  • 1. What is marriage and where did it start
    • We look at where marriage started in the Bible and what God intended
    • How our marriage partner becomes the most important person in our life and we serve each other under God
  • 2. Marriage is for life!
    • In this module we look at what the Bible says about divorce and how God intended us to stay married to the same person all our life
  • 3. Attitudes, behaviour and responsibility in Marriage
    • Responsibility of husbands and wives in a marriage
    • We also look at Love as described in 1 Corinthians 13 and the differences between men and women
  • 4. Things we have found to be foundational in ‘Married Life’
    • The Apostle Paul gives guidance about who we should marry and about the ‘what ifs’ of being married to someone who is not a Christian
  • 5. Ten building blocks for a good marriage
    • Priorities
    • Communication
    • Humour
    • Respect for each other
    • Having the best for each other
    • Money
    • Children
    • Sharing of hopes, fears and goals
    • Tolerance
    • Sexual relationship within the marriage
  • 6. Men’s talk
    • A talk that will assist us to stay pure and love our partner
  • 7. Women’s talk
    • A talk to assist women within their marriage
  • 8. Conflict and Forgiveness
    • This talk explores what scripture says
    • We look how to resolve conflict
  • 9. Self Image
    • We need to understand who we are in Christ
    • As we understand ourselves, we will grow
  • 10. Family relationships
    • What does the Bible say about families
    • Bringing up children
    • The difference between discipline and punishment
    • The importance of the father’s role as well as the mother’s
  • 11. Youth Seminar
    • We talk about purity
    • What to look for in a marriage
    • Who should we be looking for as our partner

“Before we attended the marriage teachings we could not sustain a dialogue in settling issues in our marriage. Always it degenerated to quarrelling and shouting. Today we can agree to disagree.”